So, you want to marry a foreigner…

Not much statistical research has gone into this article.  Everything you are about to read is based on countless hours of speaking and/or chatting with men and women who have been involved with Internet dating between Filipinas and men from around the world.  The most telling observation was that the few who were successful were mildly kind in their comments towards Internet dating while all others said it was a colossal waste of time even though several still had active profiles.

I met my future wife on an Internet dating site while working in the Philippines.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that she was the girl I had been dreaming of for decades.   I was lucky because in this particular dating world, meeting your future partner is a lottery.  You will read a few hundred success stories on dating sites but those hundreds are spread over almost twenty years and hundreds of thousands of failed attempts.  The chances of you meeting your husband (or wife) are slim at best.

And I’m going to tell you why.

This article will concentrate on the foreigners searching for Filipinas who will change their lives.  Most will strike out, some will have their lives changed for the wrong reason, and a few – like myself – will get lucky.

Foreign men (not including Filipinos living abroad) between the ages of 20 and 30 should be avoided unless, you – the Filipina – are socially awkward and/or willing to live with someone who probably has few friends.  Let’s analyze this a bit.  When I was twenty, I was surrounded by girls my age in school, at work or just about anywhere I went. I was not a smooth talker or an extrovert yet I still managed to meet girls.  Every guy I knew, popular and unpopular, still managed to meet girls.  It was never discussed nor was it conceivable to consider looking for a partner in another country, thousands of miles away.  So why would any man, 20-30 look towards the Philippines for marriage?   

Let us not totally discredit them.   The city I grew up in, many decades ago, was primarily white and I do not recall ever meeting a Filipina.  Nowadays, it’s a different story so there is the tiny possibility that the young man in question has a special desire for Filipinas.

Foreign men between the ages of 30 and 40 may have failed at several relationships or may already be divorced.  If divorced, the chances are good they will have a young child or children.  Unless you are willing to wait a very long time for your Prince, this man should be avoided.  It’s unfortunate to think this way but the odds are against any Filipina hoping for a quick marriage with any divorced man in this age group.  To add, if the man is paying child support, he probably won’t have the funds to visit very often. 

Single foreign men in their mid-thirties have had their fair share of failed relationships and are probably beginning to show signs of resentment towards western women.  They are prime for a relationship with a Filipina.  Any Filipina in her twenties and early thirties should narrow her search to foreign men in their mid-to-late-thirties, with no children and, sad to say, not consider anyone else.  One thing to look out for:  Men in their late thirties who have never married have never married for a reason.  Get an answer to this before you move ahead with a long-distance relationship. 

Men who 40 to 50 years of age are most likely divorced or recently finished a long-term relationship.  The odds of meeting a single, never been married man with no children, in this age group are slim and if they do exist, they are likely to be lacking in money or are socially inept.  On the other hand, many men in this age group are divorced and at the top of their earning potential meaning if they are searching for a Filipina wife, they will have the funds to visit more than once.

The biggest problem with men in this age group is that they could be fresh off a divorce and looking for more fun than a long-term relationship.  The majority of sex tours cater to men in their forties and fifties.

Fifty and over:  if they are looking for a 20-year-old wife, ignore them.  Men in this age group have dated enough women to know what they are truly looking for and if it is a Filipina, they will wait for the right lady.  No divorced man in this age group will be in a rush to remarry so calm down, you may be in for a long ride.

Given the information above, Filipinas have a smaller demographic to choose from but at the same time, they won’t waste their time or have their hearts broken by perverts or men with good intentions but no money.

If you are presently chatting with a foreign man and wish to know if he is worth your time, leave a comment below and a description of the man you are chatting with.  I’ll give you my opinion.